Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Ciao Guys, welcome to Speakeasy Bootleg!
Where we explain 1 watch in 1 minute. (few more to read the article). Just like during American prohibition or when pirately recording a Pink Floyd concert, we have to be fast…before we get caught!

In this episode the Type 8, the last born in Ressence’s collection.

Created entirely in grade 5 titanium, the case has two different finishings, polished and satin, that highlights its shape.

Despite the fact the case is 42.9 mm it wears extremely easy even on small wrists, thanks to the fact that the strap is attached underneath, It’s like wearing a small UFO for the wrist…

It features a Cobalt blue or Sage green dial giving the perception that there is virtually no space between the dial and the domed sapphire glass.

Being the simplest Ressence to date, the Type 8 tells only hours and minutes.

Seems less complex than other Mintiens creations, however it’s not. The ROCS (Ressence Orbital Convex System) is not built with gears and pinions anymore. It’s a new technique, so the module is built on a ceramic ball bearing system.