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Max Büsser built a House...

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Max Büsser built a House...

MB&F's HM11 Architect: A Fusion of Art and Engineering

In the intricate world of horology, where time is not just a measure but an art form, MB&F stands as a beacon of innovation and creativity. With each release, they redefine the boundaries of what a wristwatch can be, and their latest creation, the HM11 Architect, is no exception. Max Büsser, the visionary behind MB&F, has not just create a timepiece; he's built a veritable house-watch…

At the heart of this architectural marvel lies a concept reminiscent of ancient Roman atriums – the central space, pulsating with life, houses a 60-second flying tourbillon, is not just a mechanism; it's the soul of the timepiece, orchestrating the dance of seconds. 

mbf hm11 speakeasy watch gmtitalia
mbf hm11 speakeasy tourbillon macro gmtitalia

Surrounding this central hub are four symmetrical chambers, each meticulously designed to serve a distinct purpose. The first chamber is the room of time, where hours and minutes are displayed with elegance and clarity. Next comes the chamber of power reserve, a testament to the watch's endurance, boasting a remarkable 96-hour reserve powered by just 10 rotations of the “crown”.

mbf hm11 speakeasy hands macro gmtitalia
mbf hm11 speakeasy power reserve macro gmtitalia

In a nod to nature's unpredictability, the third chamber is dedicated to weather, featuring a mechanical temperature indicator that adds a dynamic element to the watch's functionality. Finally, completing the quartet, is the crown chamber – a gateway to adjusting time with a tactile finesse that enhances the overall user experience.

mbf hm11 speakeasy termometer macro gmtitalia
mbf hm11 speakeasy crown macro gmtitalia

What truly sets the HM11 Architect apart is its ability to adapt, akin to the rooms of a house reshuffling to meet the needs of its inhabitants. The four chambers rotate around the central flying tourbillon, seamlessly transitioning to display the desired information or to wind the power reserve, all with a mesmerizing choreography that captivates the eye.

However, it's not just the internal mechanics that astound; the exterior is equally breathtaking. Crafted with a blend of titanium and sapphire glass, the design case is a triumph of engineering, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in watchmaking construction. The result is not just a timepiece but a work of art, where form and function harmonize in perfect balance.

mbf hm11 speakeasy watch macro gmtitalia

In unveiling the HM11 Architect, MB&F has not just created a watch; they've embarked on a journey through time and space, redefining the very essence of what it means to wear innovation on your wrist. As we step into this new chapter of horological history, one thing is clear – the future looks architectural, and MB&F is leading the way.

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