Enter the second edition of the 100V, Time and Culture line. Beneath the sapphire dome of the UR-100V Time and Culture II, aka ‘Sumer’, stands a veritable Pantheon in honour of these remote and ancient divinities. For a collection such as the 100V in which one of the indications refers to the Sun, the central presence of Utu is easily explained. While the god of the Sun is depicted here in his original over 2,000-year-old form, its design is both surprising and resolutely contemporary: a four-pointed sun representing the four cardinal points. Between the lugs of the UR-100V, only just in the shadows and as if floating in orbit, sits the moon god Nanna, the chief divinity of the city of Ur. The blue colour of the UR-100V “Sumer” refers to lapis lazuli, a stone whose use was linked to Innana, goddess of Love, War and Fertility. All that remains here of this material is its immaterial dimension, the infinite blue colour.

Available in: Spiga