François-Paul Journe is continually searching to invent and craft timepieces which are both innovative and practical. He has managed both with his first ultra-flat Minute Repeater.
After the Grande Sonnerie, the minute repeater is the most complex and sophisticated of horological complication, one that demands the very utmost in both technical and artistic virtuosity.

He has re-invented the minute repeater mechanism in a way which enables strong crystal clear tones to emanate from a seemingly impossibly svelte movement of barely 4mm, more reminiscent of a simple hand wind calibre than a highly intricate and complex complication.
By looking at it, one would never guess the complicated mechanism hidden behind it.

The simple aspect of its silver guilloche dial, identical to that of the Chronomètre Souverain, hardly let foresee the discrete window placed between 9 and 10 o’clock.

It features the hammers striking the gongs at the hour, the quarters and the minutes, which can be activated by pressing a delicate indented slide on the left side of the case.

This redevelopment has merited the application of two patents.

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Available in: Spiga