Czapek introduces its seminal Quai des Bergues model in a 40.5mm steel case, with a newly developed hand-guilloché pattern on the dial. Czapek, together with its dial-making partner Metalem, has developed an entirely new guilloché pattern. They have named it Guilloché ‘Double Soleil’, after the parhelion phenomenon, an optical illusion that appears under certain atmospheric conditions as a luminous spot on one or both sides of the sun. In addition to the new guillochage, the SXH1 movement (manually wound, with a 7-day power reserve) has been given a careful make-over last year. The most visible change on the SXH1 is the extensive openwork, which clearly delineates a full-fledged three-quarter plate and exposes the gear train. The bridge plate and balance bridge have also been hollowed out and seem to face each other like two shooting stars about to cross paths. This gives the movement a more dynamic look.

Available in: Spiga