To celebrate these thirty years of collaboration and friendship between Maximilian Büsser and the Corvo family, a commemorative edition of a brilliant watch, recently awarded at the GPHG, will be produced: the M.A.D.1 GMT Milano Edition which the boutique, inspired by the initiative behind the M.A.D.1 project, will be dedicating to its client friends who have supported it over the years.

The M.A.D.1 GMT Milano Edition is a watch with an automatic movement and a tungsten and titanium rotating mass visible on the dial side. The rotor is made of a triple blade, like those found in some of Maximilian Büsser’s MB&F watches. The time is indicated on two cylindrical aluminium discs on the side of the 42mm diameter case. The gold-plated 4N finishes recall the first special series produced by other manufacturers for the Corvo family, and the strap is in classic Milano green. 30 pieces have been produced, like the number of years of this long union.