The stunning simplicity of a high-precision wristwatch

Stripped down for performance, the Chronomètre Souverain shows the versatility of François-Paul Journe’s style in the antithesis of complicated watchmaking.

This model, inspired by early 19th-century marine chronometry, reveals Journe at the top of his craft in two superbly executed horological illusions.

On the dial, Journe achieves a pleasing balance and harmony by altering the size and boldness of the numerals. It is done so neatly that the trick is not immediately apparent.
Through the display back, the balance and escapement are mysteriously detached from the movement, beating without apparent motive power. Journe has put the connecting train under the dial, leaving only the centre wheel to emphasise the isolation of the balance.

F.P. Journe designs his watches from the dial down, paying for looks with mechanical ingenuity. Placing the power-reserve indicator in its least favourable position on the dial meant its mechanism had to co-exist with the winding apparatus.

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Available in: Spiga