An assertive character enhance by a black ADLC titanium case and a structured black titanium dial, faded by the lightness of the ice blue details, a striking contrast between strength and softness. The fourth edition of the C by Romain Gauthier in titanium is in the continuity of the modernity and refinement of these timepieces.
Reflecting Romain’s creative freedom with a modern and youthful design, C by Romain Gauthier is the result of more than 17 years of know-how acquired through the development of the brand and its manufacture.
Technical in nature, casual in style and free in spirit, the Freedom collection has enabled the creation of this contemporary caliber. The significance of C by Romain Gauthier lies in its creative approach to reinforce the notions of continuity with its concept and design, in reference to the Continuum. Reflecting a vision of the future for a timepiece which is part of Romain Gauthier’s philosophy, and which opens the door to new horizons.

Available in: Spiga