The BR 03-94 Multimeter is a chronograph. These sports watches are designed to measure short times. They are equipped with a large independent central hand that can be started, stopped and then reset. Chronographs also measure speed using a tachymeter scale.
Initially, these watches were used in:

  • aviation. They allowed pilots to prepare their flight plan. They are also used to define the position of airborne aircraft.
  • the navy to calculate the position of ships while out at sea.
  • medicine. Some models are specifically developed for doctors. They allow you to take the pulse accurately.
  • motorsport, in particular to determine the speed of a racing car.
    The chronograph function therefore allows multiple measurements; the BR 03-94 Multimeter brings them all together on its dial. This exceptional
    model notably allows the measurement of speed, the number of breaths or even heartbeats. It is a type of “Swiss army knife” for athletes.

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