Divers are fascinated by icy seas, polar oceans and frozen
lakes, and some bold adventurers set out to explore these
mysterious cold-covered expanses. For the intrepid few,
Bell & Ross has developed the BR 03-92 Diver White. This
new watch tool is part of the Diver family, the Maison’s
successful diving watch. The 03-92 Diver White is inspired
by frozen watery worlds. Its dial is adorned with white, a
rare shade from Bell & Ross. This immaculate colourway
evokes ice floes, the cold, and purity. “Our dials are
usually quite dark,” concedes Bruno Belamich, Creative
Director and co-founder of Bell & Ross. The exact colour
is an opalescent silver in subtle tones, and the dial’s matte
surface has been metallised, creating iridescent reflections
across the piece. “The refined finish gives the watch a
sense of nobility. It reflects our top-of-the-range quality
and finesse of the work,” Mr Belamich says with pride.

Available in: Spiga