The Urwerk UR-120

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In this episode we explain the Urwerk UR-120 “Spock”, a marvel of engineering!

Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, founders of Urwerk, keep exploring the world of space-time inspired watches, launching their latest creation, the UR-120 “Spock”.

Everything started few years ago with the UR-110, the first Urwerk with lateral time display. Stunning watch, super appreciated by Urwerk collectors, went sold out and discontinued. The thickness of the case though was an issue, so Felix and Martin worked hard to find design and technical solutions to reduce the UR-120 thickness.

The newly developed caliber features a central carousel fitted with three satellites, each of them with four numerals, rotating on two axis, the central one, and their own.

During their rotation, the satellites splits open before rotating on their own axis, then, when approaching the new hour, the designed satellite shuts again to start its journey flying on the numerals’ arc. The nickname “Spock” comes from the unusual dance of the split open satellites, which recalls the Vulcan way to greet.

This edition of UR-120 “Spock” is almost monochromatic. The steel and titanium case is sandblasted, and the case is sealed by screws placed horizontally, this is the first time that Urwerk introduces floating lugs, which helps increasing the wearability of the watch.

The automatic movement’s intensity is regulated by a turbine, one of Urwerk’s signature.

The UR-120 is not a limited edition but it’s limited by production, meanings that only few pieces will be produced per year.