Vantablack® is back

Moser & Cie. elevates its mastery of the darkest material known to mankind with the Endeavour Centre Seconds Vantablack® and the Endeavour Tourbillon in a red gold case.

Let start with the new Endeavour Centre Seconds, its dial is made in a material called Vantablack®, which is one of the blackest material on earth. Composed by carbon nanotubes, it absorbs almost 99,7% of the light, it’s like having a black hole on the wrist.

The movement features 72 hours of power reserve, and it’s wound by a red gold rotor, which rotates above the bridges and platin, decorated with Moser Stripes, or Côtes de Moser.

The second new release is the Tourbillon with Vantablack® dial and red gold case.

This time the dial has no indexes, but an opening at 6 o’clock which reveals the Tourbillon escapement, with double Straumann Hairspring, consisting of two identical balance springs that beat in opposite directions to counter any external effect on the escapement.

Last but not least, there is no logo in both dials, in perfect Moser’s minimalistic style.