Trilobe. Time. Liberated.

Ciao Guys, welcome to Speakeasy Bootleg!
Where we explain 1 watch in 1 minute. (few more to read the article). Just like during American prohibition or when pirately recording a Pink Floyd concert, we have to be fast…before we get caught!

In this episode we introduce you Trilobe, unique watches between traditional Swiss watchmaking and an unprecedented vision. Let’s start with the Nuit Fantastique grained Black.

The Brand is founded by Gautier Massonneau, Parisian, son of architect and interior designer. He has a different watchmaking approach as he is not a watchmaker.

The design of the Nuit Fantastique is minimalistic, its grained black dial is asymmetric and yet extremely balanced.

The dial is made by four parts, three of which are in perpetual motion: The large ring is for the hour, indicated by the Trilobe at 12 o’clock, the minute wheel is in the small window and the second wheel features a “Clous de Paris” sector.

The Nuit Fantastique won the “Petite Aiguille” at the GPHG 2022.

The watch is animated by the “X-Centric” caliber, developed exclusively for Trilobe.

It’s an automatic movement and features a vertical construction with micro-rotor and 48 hours power reserve.