Trilobe. Time. Liberated.

Ciao Guys, welcome to Speakeasy Bootleg!
Where we explain 1 watch in 1 minute. (few more to read the article). Just like during American prohibition or when pirately recording a Pink Floyd concert, we have to be fast…before we get caught!

In this episode we continue our journey into the world of Trilobe reaching new heights with Une Folle Journée collections.

First thing that catches the eye are the three floating and rotating eccentric rings, with a red marker which indicates the time.

You can see that there is architectural inspiration, the construction is built on several layers, which grow vertically, overlooked by a domed sapphire glass.

Allows to see baseplate and the wheels, for a much more technical look compared to the other watches in collection, despite they share a lot of common features.

Tilobe’s X-Centric movement is used also to animate the Folle Journee, it’s an automatic movement features a vertical construction and micro rotor with 48 hours power reserve.

Available in three versions, black, blue and dune, all with 40.5mm titanium case, and a special full baguette diamonds piece inspired by the ceiling of the Paris Opera house.

The three rotating rings are adorned with exceptional diamonds whose secret setting, invisible to the naked eye, was designed with the expertise of craftsmen from Rue de la Paix.