Kari Voutilainen was born in Finland but is Swiss by adoption.
He moved there to study Watchmaking  back in 1989 and had a carreer like very few others in the industry.
Firstly spotted by Parmigiani he worked as a complicated rare watches restorer for 10 years having the chance to study and work on some of the world’s rarest watches.

Devoted to his masters he started teaching at the WOSTEP school of watchmaking in order to pass his experience to the younger generations.
But what shaped his present creations were not only his daily professions but also the evenings and nights he dedicated to tireless study and practice to develop perfection in mechanisms and finishings.


It was in 2002 that Kari decided to establish himself as an independet Artist Watchmaker. After identifying the village of Motiers, in the quiet and beautiful Val-De-Travers, as the right place to develop his art and creativity, he created his Atelier in a beautiful old manor.
That is where he put all of his passion, knowledge and skills to give birth to his own vision on independent watchmaking.

Based on the solid mechanical tradition with a very personal aestethic touch and a strong desire for perfection, each piece is handmade and crafted giving the future owner’s the chance to personalize decorations and finishing of both dial and movement.


The international success, recognized also by the awards received, proven him not only as a great watchmaker but as a wise entrepreneur. In fact he understood how to build and mantain a manufacture by finding the right balance between the number of pieces needed, the idea of timepieces wanted and the level of quality expected, without having to make any compromise.