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NOMOS is proud to call Glashütte its home—a small town tucked away between forests and hills, south of Berlin and near Dresden, located in the eastern Ore Mountains. The timepieces made here are world famous, and the watchmakers also count among the very best of their kind.

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Fine timepieces have been made in Glashütte for over 175 years; it has a tradition here that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world.


NOMOS Glashütte is owner-managed, a family business that was founded by Roland Schwertner immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. In addition, the manage ment today includes Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS CEO, and Judith Borowski. Around 200 employees work for NOMOS Glashütte. The majority work at the traditional Glashütte site, where movements and watches are manufactured. Other locations are Berlin, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Como in Italy.

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The in-house calibers

NOMOS Glashütte produces all 11 calibers in-house in Glashütte. The finest mechanical watches have been built in this town for over 175 years—and the “Glashütte” designation of origin can only be used when at least 50 percent of a caliber’s value is generated there. At NOMOS Glashütte, however, the production depth is up to 95 percent—meaning the company itself always ensures the quality of its calibers. Extremely rare, even in the world of fine watchmaking: NOMOS Glashütte has been producing a proprietary escapement, the heart of the watch, in series since 2014—at NOMOS Glashütte it is called the NOMOS swing system. At the time, the NOMOS swing system broke the quasi-monopoly of Swiss producers. The project took seven years of R&D to develop this tiny watchmaking component and it confirms the watchmaking company’s independence today.

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The Collection

NOMOS Glashütte’s collection consists of 11 model families with around 80 versions of mechanical timepieces with stainless steel cases. All NOMOS watches are powered by in-house calibers, some manual, some automatic. The vast majority of automatic watches from NOMOS Glashütte are equipped with the new neomatik calibers DUW 3001 and DUW 6101—efficient, elegantly slender movements, and highly precise, just like the watches they tick inside.

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