Valérie Messika was predestined to work with diamonds. From her earliest childhood, she listened to the fascinating stories told by her father André Messika. This key player in the international diamond trade for the last 40 years took her along with him on his travels, seeking out exceptional gems.
Valérie Messika inherited this passion. She decided to devote herself to the diamond while following her own path. Instinctively, every diamond inspired a design or an idea. This thrill lay in the setting she imagined when seeing the stone. Forms, patterns and techniques reign supreme, but they are only chosen to highlight the unique character of the diamond,
its quality, size and brilliance.

In 2005 Valérie Messika created her eponymous brand transforming diamonds into jewelry, embracing excellence and making your eyes sparkle.

Andre Valerie Messika


Company’s iconic collection, the Move line echoes a childhood memory of Valérie Messika : «When I was a little girl, my father used to show me his stones, trickling them through his fingers. The diamonds reflected the light, coming alive in a whole rainbow of colors. I wanted to bring this magical quality of diamonds to life again». Three diamonds in movement, as powerful as the love of yesterday, today
and tomorrow.
Since their creation in 2007, the three diamonds of Move have become
the company’s signature, reasserting their bold, enchanting character
in numerous versions.

Messika ring move


With a strong expertise and unique legitimacy in diamonds thanks to her father, Valérie Messika has access to exceptional stones, rare treasures of nature. A host of extraordinarily hued gems brings highly prized color nuances to the traditionally white palette of the diamond.
Since 2013, through her first collection of exceptional unique pieces, Valérie
Messika has created a new variation on the House’s signature diamonds, blazing a glittering trail in the very closed world of High Jewelry.
A successful entry confirmed by the opening in 2015 of Messika’s Parisian Atelier.


In 2017, Valérie Messika collaborates with Gigi Hadid, our new muse, and creates an exclusive collection ‘Move Addiction’ for the 10th Anniversary of Move.


Since founding her brand, Valérie has created more than 6,000 pieces of jewellery and she remains the only business woman in France to head her own independent jewellery Maison. She is a true innovator and pioneer, having injected the age-old diamond with a new-found youthfulness and cool factor – and inspiring a whole new generation of clients to fall in love with diamonds.