Konstantin Chaykin is a talented Russian inventor, master of high watchmaking and the owner of the Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture. Each of his timepieces could be considered as a piece of art, combining sophisticated mechanics and incredible artistic execution.

The story of the Manufacture begins with its founder, Konstantin Chaykin. 15 years ago, young Konstantin, armed only with books and drawings, built the first-ever Russian clock with a flying tourbillon. And thus, modern fine watchmaking was re-born in Russia. 


Today Konstantin Chaykin is acknowledged by the international fine watchmaking community and a member of the prestigious Académie Horlogère Des Créateurs Indépendants. Konstantin runs his own manufacture and has registered over 70 patents for his innovative movements and inventions in general mechanics: a unique achievement for many centuries-old manufacturers, not to speak of a young watchmaker.

The Konstantin Chaykin Manufacture focuses on three main areas: designing and making proprietary clocks and watches, making timepieces to order and inventing proprietary movements and complications. Each KC creation is based on detailed handwork resulting in perfection.