Our œuvres are the result of a unique make and workmanship involved in the creation process. Their perfection and individuality can be attributed to our values. These values originate in our tradition to which we ad here. A family tradition of innovation since 1642.

It was father and son, Ulrich and Hans Haldimann, who established this tradition. In the fifth century of their history Haldimann produces exclusively mechanical movements and watches in Switzerland to be delivered to their proud owners all over the world. A Haldimann philosophy and mentality has been
cultivated over the centuries, in unison with the formation of Switzerland. Within this philosophy we distinguish twelve aspects that we have been cultivating in particular. These aspects are represented in our brand logo with its twelve phases of the moon.


Haldimann is the oldest watch manufacturer of Switzerland led and owned by the name-giving family. Haldimann Horology pursuits longterm ideals. Their independence and autonomy serve as key prerequisites. Unhindered creativity as well as the highest quality standards and complete in-house production have been the characteristics of each Haldimann watch and movement over centuries.


Handicraft in the true sense of the word turns each watch into a living combination of tiny unique parts. The long manufacturing time puts the watchmaker into a close relationship
with “his” watch, which he brings to life and passes to the owner. The relationship with the movement is at the core of our work. The required means remain in the background, yet in their essence they are close to the work. It is this particular approach that makes each of Haldimann Horology’s creations unique.


We aim to explore the limits of what the human hand is capable of achieving. It is only as a manufacturer in the truest sense of the word
that we can pursue this aim, with machines
and instruments that we operate with our hands. Computerised machines would make it impossible to reach this goal. The warmth of the watchmaker’s hand blends with his delicate movements to achieve his impressive performance. From the raw material up until
the first sound of the melody. This essence is
later attached to the wrist of the future owner. From there it enters his perception and is transferred to him.


Mechanical perfection demands formal quality that conveys over time the exceptional sophistication of the creation without distractions and unnecessary effects.

The aim lies in the emanation of unmatched beauty that withstands long and challenging gazes. Our works a pure, harmonious, timeless and endowed with an elegant character – as well as irresistible once you are familiar with them.


It goes without saying that Haldimann watches are made of the most precious materials. Still, their appearance is unostentatious. The true value lies in their rarity as well as in their intrinsic creativity. The abiding manufacturing over months, taking place almost entirely in-house, leads to a natural selection on the way and hence to a limitation of the pieces for generations. There can be and will be only a few of them. The value created with the making of a Haldimann object therefore lies in the value of the work that went into it – not in the marketing. This value is timeless.


Haldimann watches shall enhance, inspire, enrich and anchor the beautiful emotions of their owners. Wearers of Haldimann watches talk about little stories of shared passion, of their love for humans and their watches, they talk about the magic tickle on their skin or in their memory triggered by a glance on the moving sculpture. For many of our clients our watches are “art on the wrist”.