Fred Samuel is the founder of the Maison Fred. Born in Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century, he grew up in a family that was dealing precious stones. The passion he developed throughout the years made him very well known in the field. Intially amazed by cultured pearls (to the point that there is a specific colour that bears the name ‘FRED’) , he fell for coloured stones and he started experimenting with all his creativity in the early 1950s.


The love for the argentinian sunlight and for the sea shaped his creations becoming the main influence for the work of a lifetime. Fred Samuel’s natural aesthetic sensitivity, together with his radical view of jewellery as part of everyday life, especially for women, enabled him to build a brand as timeless as it is distinctive.
Describing himself in 1936 as a ‘Contemporary Creative Jeweller’, he staked a claim for modernity based on striking jewellery, pieces with rounded, curvace outlines.


The Force 10 bracelet, created in 1966, is the Maison’s signature.
Its contemporary look takes inspiration from the maritime universe.
It was born from the combination of a flexible sailing steel cable and a gold buckle. It is presented in multiple sizes and shapes as well as different materials. Together with the interchangeable cables it takes the concept of mix and match to a whole new level.


The Maison’s creativity would have not been enough to mark its international success without the expertise.
That’s where the brand managed to master all the traditional skills such as setting and laquering and using a full range of fine, hard and coloured stones from diamonds to quartz.
It is through this combination together with the endless research of new techniques and designs that FRED can define always new possibilities.