URWERK’s departures from its signature theme of wandering-hour indications have always been spectacular, and the selfwinding UR-111C is no exception. This latest exercise in complex micromechanics is a worthy rival to the brand’s other “Special Projects” line, in both originality and mechanical virtuosity. For the independent company’s 17 dedicated team members, the UR-111C proved a fiendishly difficult puzzle to solve.

In the URWERK tradition, none of the indications of this UR-111C watch are conventional: The minutes are shown in two different ways – linearly for eyes pleasure and digitally for precision. Never has a roller on the case performed the functions of the crown, nor have the running seconds meandered across a cluster of optical fibers. Nor would it be an authentic URWERK watch if its case didn’t look as if it had been designed by a Sci-fi passionate.

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