Lightness. Performance. Aesthetics. The new UR 100V in carbon relies on these three essentials. It is a light watch with
perfect ergonomics mounted on a technical rubber strap. The case is com posed of 52 layers of ultra thin carbon. Aesthetics
subtly blend the sensual curves and angular geometry of its unique shape. Introducing the UR 100V C52.

The 100V collection continues its saga. The “Full Titanium Jacket” is now succeeded by the UR-100V C52. A watch with an ultra-tech case made of High Resistance CTP Carbon. An extremely resilient carbon composed of 52 layers compressed in epoxy polymer resin. The use of this unusual material allows the case of the UR-100V C52 to tip the scales at a featherweight 11 grams including titanium back.

It’s the folds of the carbon layers that give character to this new creation. Martin Frei, co-founder of URWERK and chief designer of the brand says: “The curves enhancing the bezel of the UR-100V C52, tracing their way from the crown to the sides of the watch passing through the lugs, are a classic reference. We find this same motif on the ancient Greek columns. Striations drawn and dug in the stone almost 2500 years ago to channel rainwater and control its flow along these ageless pillars. This motif has become the symbol of classicism. I often play with this reference. With the new UR-100V, the circular case results from precision-cut 52 layers of carbon. The design extends all around the wrist thanks to the original rubber strap specifically designed for this watch.

Available in: Spiga