Ressence, the watch company devoted to challenging the status quo of mechanical watchmaking,
is excited to announce the release of the Type 3BBB, a new example of the award-winning Type 3
watch in an exclusive monochrome design.
The Type 3BBB is a continuation of the evolution expressed by the Type 3B and Type 3BB and as
such, is the ultimate monochrome execution of the revolutionary oil-filled mechanical watch that
first launched in 2013. The name stands for ‘Black, Black, Black’ in reference to the reduced colour
palette of the watch; the Type 3BBB will be produced for just one year, ending on December 31st

Beguilingly simple to behold on the wrist, unexpectedly complex and innovative within: the Type
3BBB is a perfect example of Ressence’s philosophy of 21st century watchmaking. This new edition
retains all the practical and mechanical improvements honed over the last nine years, while adding
a bold new aesthetic that emphasises simplicity, legibility and modernity. The result is a truly
contemporary watch that draws on decades of watchmaking and design expertise to create
something unparalleled in the world of watchmaking.

Available in: Spiga