The genesis of the Type 3BB starts with the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS), the unique inhouse developed (and patented) horological unit featuring an ever-changing dial that continually orbit around one another. The purpose is a more efficient way of telling time. Information is displayed on a single surface, much like words on a piece of paper, making for improved readability.
This differs than that of a traditional watch, where the hands and dial are layered on one another producing an uneven viewing plane. Composed of 215 parts, the gears in the ROCS calculates the hours, day and date, taking only the minute as a reference from the automatic movement.

The Type 3 is the first ever oil-filled mechanical watch. A true achievement in Fine Watchmaking, the Type 3 is designed with a “water drop” dial effect in order to achieve crystalclear dial legibility for the wearer.

The creation of the Type 3BB and its predecessors was not without its challenges – allowing the team at Ressence to trigger its engineering and creativity neurones and further position themselves at the forefront of 21st century watchmaking. One such example was the escapement ability to oscillate properly in a viscous fluid. Ressence ingeniously designed a two-chamber system inside the Type 3 to keep the mechanical movement and oil separate. The lower chamber is comprised of the customized automatic movement and the upper chamber is hermetically-sealed with the ROCS display module bathing in 35.7ml of oil.

As such with the two-chamber system, there is no direct mechanical link between the watch’s movement and the ROCS. To accommodate this, the Type 3BB uses a magnetic transmission to tie the modules together. This is done by connecting several micro-magnets to each other and positioning them in both the oil-filled upper chamber and the dry lower chamber. In order to compensate for oil volume fluctuation (dependent on temperature), the watch is fitted with a system of seven small bellows that expand and contract dependent on the increase and decrease of the oil’s volume.

Available in: Spiga