A manufacturer of fine mechanical timepieces. A contemporary artist, figure of 60’s abstraction, gestures, objects, attitude. A meeting point between the two worlds lies somewhere between the Franches-Montagnes and Arizona, between Noirmont and Tucson. The result is more than a watch. An essay. A compendium. A few grams of polysemy, a bit of artist Olivier Mosset in a watch that strives not to become all art, but to keep telling the time. This watch is a frontier. On one side, the land of signs; on the other, the land of watchmaking. This watch is an invitation to cross this frontier, a journey. Of course, Olivier Mosset doesn’t just make art, he’s also a biker. “Easy Rider” in the Jura. An artist in “Watchland”. Everything is black: case, bracelet, hands. A pure work of art, with no labels, no logos. Only the dial contrasts, decorated with silver glitter. The hands are batons, hour, minute, second, three times the same, same length, same width, same rounded ends. There’s just one detail: the size of the hole that gives the direction, a minimalist reference, just enough to ensure that you don’t lose the sense of reading altogether.
This watch is an abstraction. A minimalist geometric reinterpretation of the regulator, whose three hands – minute in the center, hour at the top, seconds at the bottom – are mechanically separated. Normally, this improves precision and legibility. In this case, though, it is rather a work of art.