It is with a new assortment of colors and textures that Romain Gauthier presents the third edition of thecaliber C byRomain Gauthier in Titanium.

ReflectingRomain’s creative freedom with a modern and youthful design, C by Romain Gauthier is the result of morethan 17 years of know-how acquired through the development of the brand and its manufacture.

Technical in nature, casual in style and free in spirit, the Freedom collection has enabled the creation of this piece. Theimportance of the C in its name lies in this approach of creation, referring to the continuum, to continuity in space-timeand to continuity in the broadest sense. A vision of the future for a timepiece which is part of Romain Gauthier’sphilosophy, and which opens the door to new horizons.

During its creation, it was clear to Romain that the case had to harmonize with the movement. It had to becontemporary and uncluttered. But not only that–comfort, ergonomics and the choice of materials also contributedto the design of thistimepiece with the decision to usenaturalGrade 5 titanium. The dial, alsoinGrade 5 titanium,adds to the consistency of the piece and evokes a sense of continuity, as no circle completes the time indication.

Inspired by the finger bridges style, the design of the movementfollows the watchmaking history of the Vallée de Jouxbutwith a modern approach, reflecting Romain’s vision of the evolution of tradition.

Romain Gauthier presents the third edition of thecaliberintitanium inalimited edition of 38-piecesand engraved “1 of38” on the back of each movement.

Available in: Spiga