The Red Radar Ceramic revisits the innovative display of
the Red Radar, with a more realistic, playful look.
The system comprises two concentric discs which fuse with
the dial. Its playful design is reminiscent of a stylised
toy. These elements replace the hour and minute hands.
In a major new feature, the discs move two tiny screenprinted planes, giving the impression that these are flying over the dial.
The hour scale is screen-printed on the inside (back)
of the sapphire crystal, and so is well protected from
impacts and abrasions.
For this innovative display, two ultra-light discs had
to be designed to preserve the power reserve. These very
robust discs will not deform and they maintain a constant
parallelism. Our watchmakers worked hard to ensure that
the precision of the watch movement was not altered by
friction. The assembly of each of these components was
fine-tuned to the nearest micron. Guaranteeing such
precision required all our in-house engineers to pool
their expertise.

Available in: Spiga