The BR03-92 Nightlum fits perfectly into the family of instrument
watches with the objective of optimum readability. Its box, designed
in a contemporary style, retakes the “circle in a square” —the iconic
shape of the house— that recalls the silhouette of a plane cockpit
clock. The BR03-92 Nightlum returns to basics with its pure and simple
lines. The display is also simple and uncluttered and the graphic dial
boasts clear indications.
This name of this model evokes light, “Lum”, and “Night” for its
outstanding readability at nighttime in its matte black case. With
its unparalleled brightness, the green tinted Superluminova® C3
is ultra-phosphorescent and has a very long durability in the dark,
offering a continual reading of the hour even in complete darkness.
The Superluminova® C3 treatment also allows for an easier reading
of indexes and large numbers, be it day or nighttime. This intense
green light offers an excellent luminescence that contrasts with the
matte black dial and provides optimal night readability. The shape and
position of the four numbers on the dial: 12, 3, 6, and 9 are reminiscent
of the graphics traditionally used by Bell & Ross.
The minimalist design of the BR03-92, with its black matte ceramic
case, ultra- phosphorescent green numbers and grey-green calfskin
strap will seduce every pilot watch lover.

Available in: Spiga