At Bell & Ross, the Diver series was originally launched in steel. Now, bronze joins the family, with the BR 03-92 DIVER BROWN BRONZE cased in the traditional material. Its copper hue case goes perfectly with the warm colour of the dial and bezel, bronze proving itself a harmonious match for brown. This classic, historic material has always had links with the sea, making it an instinctive choice for a diver’s watch. Bronze is a key material in maritime design: portholes, propellers, pendulums, sextants, compasses, and old ships all make use of the metal.
Its use in the BR 03-92 Diver gives the timepiece a hint of retro. It is also the material used by the Nautilus
of Captain Nemo, the hero in Jules Vernes’ novels. Bronze surfs the vintage wave. But for all that, bronze is not nostalgic by nature. It is used by great architects on the facades of the most avant-garde buildings, creating undulating plates where light rebounds in a thousand scattered bursts.
The BR 03-92 DIVER BROWN BRONZE is at once subtly retro and decidedly modern. It combines tradition and modernity, vintage and contemporary. It accompanies the elegantly dressed to dinner just as well as it does swimmers beneath the ocean waves.

Available in: Spiga