With a production limited to less than 900 exclusive timepieces per year, F.P.Journe wanted to offer an even more exclusive timekeeper that would be available only to F.P.Journe collectors, the Black Label collection was born. With a case in Platinum, precious metal amongst all, F.P.Journe has created an appealing dial in blackened Gold that completes the elegance of the Black Label collection.

F.P.Journe designs his watches from the dial down, paying for looks with mechanical ingenuity, revealing the most hidden secrets of its mysterious mechanical gear-trains. Thanks to his own dial-makers’ workshop, François-Paul Journe has no need to make any concessions which allows his imagination to roam freely. His dials are the authentic faces of his watches and their elegant features do far more than simply showing the time.

The Black Label Collection is available in our Espace Journe in Milano, by specific order only for owners of a F.P.Journe timepiece.

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Available in: Spiga