Speakeasy was born from the desire to tell collectors and enthusiast about the world of watchmaking from a different perspective.

To speak about contemporary Watches and Masters of Time by retracing stories and anecdotes that led to the birth of a particular timepiece when not a of brand itself.

Hence the decision to call it Speakeasy, in its most modern sense, namely that of a secret place, often hidden under false pretences, where once you enter, a whole world will open up in front of you.

Pronunciation /ˈspēkˌēzē/ /ˈspikˌizi/ 
(during Prohibition) an illicit liquor store or nightclub.
(today) a bar that operates legally but secretly

A world with an elegant and intimate atmosphere where hearing what we believed to be merely gossip or openly denying what we were secretly convinced were unjustified criticism. A world where to discuss hours of the smallest technical detail or simply be fascinated by the authenticity that lies behind the genesis of some of today’s most incredible mechanical art objects.
In short, a world where we hope you will always find something that will give you the incentive to return once you have found the entrance.

And this is what -without wanting to sound presumptous – we aim at, because unlike this place we have been here for a long time, we’ve witnessed the birth, rise and eventually fall of indepenent watchmakers, always driven by the same passionate spirit.

We felt this was the right time to take advantage of the most amazing gift that technology and social medias have done to us, the capability to share directly with those who want to listen our take on contemporary independent horology.